A partnership was developed with pharmacists in the About the Patient program to improve the pain control and well-being of Workforce Safety Insurance (WSI) beneficiaries taking 90 days or more of continuous opioid treatment.

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The program is focused on reducing risk of overdose and ensuring that pain medications are matched to the patient’s specific type of pain.

  • One initial visit at the pharmacy plus one follow-up at 30-60 days afterward.
  • At each visit, the pharmacist will discuss the pain management plan and work together to reduce risks, side effects, and learn more about how to improve quality of life.


We believe these efforts will reduce risk and improve pain control and quality of life.

Naloxone (the opioid overdose medication) is covered at participating pharmacies, to better get medication into the hands of those who are at higher risk of overdose.

Remember: overdose can still occur even if medication is taken exactly as prescribed!


  • Patients must have had 90 days or more of continuous opioid therapy
  • Patients can enroll directly at their participating pharmacy
  • There are no pre-approval requirements