NDPERS is pleased to offer a Diabetes Management program provided by pharmacists in the About the Patient program.

The pharmacist will review the member’s history, goals, labs, and medications to move to American Diabetes Association guidelines. Then they will educate the member on diabetes and refer them to other health care providers such as diet or eye specialists if needed, sharing information with the doctor to make sure goals are met.



Members are eligible for a total of five visits.

The visit calendar is divided into three segments

  • Segment 1 is from January-April
  • Segment 2 is from May-August
  • Segment 3 is from September-December
How it Works


Benefits of NDPERS Diabetes Management ProgramA member who maintains eligibility and completes visits will receive copay (but not coinsurance) reimbursement on most diabetes and blood pressure medications (formulary subject to change).

Copay and coinsurance reimbursement earned for most OneTouch testing supplies.

There is no reimbursement for insulin pump supplies through this program.


  • Members with Part D coverage are EXCLUDED from program
  • There are no pre-approval requirements
  • Members can enroll directly by scheduling a visit with a participating pharmacist
  • A member may also enroll by submitting an online or paper form to the About the Patient office