About the Patient is an effort by the North Dakota Pharmacists Association and the North Dakota Pharmacy Service Corporation.

Our Diabetes Management Program launched in July 2008 and has grown since then to involve all aspects of health, wellness, and prevention across the state of North Dakota. Our diabetes program network comprises over 70 pharmacists at over 55 different pharmacy locations.

In 2011, a Pain Management Program was added. It is currently being utilized in a pilot program from ND Workforce Saftey and Insurance (WSI).

Mission of About the Patient

The mission of About the Patient is to be a center for patient oriented education. Our goal is to empower patients to self-manage and improve their health. This will be accomplished primarily through the education programs offered by our providers. It will also be accomplished by the material available on this website.

North Dakota Pharmacists Association

North Dakota Pharmacists Association - About the PatientThe Dakota Pharmaceutical Association was organized August 3, 1885, in Fargo by pharmacists concerned about the quality of pharmacy practice in the northern part of the Dakota Territory. There were no licensure requirements for pharmacists and pharmacies and the goal of the group was to organize to advance the profession by promoting standards for pharmacists to meet. Following statehood, the organization was recognized as the North Dakota Pharmaceutical Association. The articles of incorporation were renewed in 1935. In April 2004, at the annual convention, the members voted to change the association’s name to the North Dakota Pharmacists Association.

As the professional society representing all pharmacists in the state the objectives of the NDPhA are to act as the leader:

  • In advocating the role of the pharmacist as an essential provider of healthcare;
  • To support pharmacists in providing optimal pharmaceutical care;
  • To encourage and assist pharmacists to use profitable methods to add value to their pharmacy knowledge base;
  • And by working to improve pharmacists’ services and delivery of products needed by health care consumers.

The NDPhA is governed by a 15 person Board of Directors consisting of officers and representatives from each of the eight districts designated by the Association. The board meets two times each year along with leaders of other pharmacy organizations in the state. Objectives of the NDPhA are carried out through district organizations, appointed committees, and the office of the Executive Vice President.

North Dakota Pharmacy Service Corporation

North Dakota Pharmacy Service Corporation - About the PatientThe North Dakota Pharmacy Service Corporation (NDPSC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the North Dakota Pharmacists Association. Membership is composed of participating pharmacies in the state of North Dakota. There are currently 108 member pharmacies in the organization. The purpose of the Corporation is to form a network of pharmacies in North Dakota that can provide services for, governmental agencies, employers, and third party payers. NDPSC acts on behalf of individual pharmacy members to represent them in dealings with third party payers, and to promote the ability of the collective membership to provide services to patients in a profitable manner. They are the overall administrators of this effort and the network of providers.