Upon execution of a Contract for Services, the Clinical Coordinator will work with your benefit administrators to develop, launch, and maintain your program. Having a clear vision of the program will assist in developing a valuable program.

Some of the issues addressed by the Clinical Coordinator include:
The Process

  • Member Selection – criteria used to enroll members into more comprehensive services
  • Member Incentives – establishment of incentive structure for members to participate in the wellness programs
  • Welcome Letter – issuance of a co-branded welcome letter to members announcing the program and its benefits
  • Webpage – development of a custom page specific for your program on the About the Patient website
  • Event Coordination – scheduling of biometric tests, immunizations, and other in-services
  • Quarterly Reporting – preparation of reports and presentations outlining current program status and results
  • Suggestions for Improvement – a continuous review process is in place to review clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Suggestions for improving the program are made for consideration.
  • Billing – a single monthly invoice is sent detailing charges
  • Customization – adaptation of current programs or development of completely new programs to meet our clients’ needs
  • Communication – the Clinical Coordinator and staff are accessible to both administrators and members via face-to-face, email, or toll-free telephone conferences.