Below is information regarding the healthcare professionals that all take part in your diabetes care. Also, information regarding communicating with your family and friends regarding your diabetes and the importance of talking to other diabetics. Click the links below to view the information.

Your Diabetes Health Care Team
Here are some of the people who may be part of your team and some tips and important questions to ask them about your care.

Building Your Health Care Team
Building a trusted and reliable health care team can help you better manage your diabetes.

What is Peer Support?
Peer support links people living with a chronic condition such as diabetes. People with a common illness are able to share knowledge and experiences – including some that many health workers do not have.

The Emotional Side of Diabetes
Contains things you need to know about the emotional features of diabetes, including: the personal, social, and behavioral side.

Another Support Group Locator
This one is from the Defeat Diabetes Foundation.

ND Support Groups
Another sheet that list some of the support groups across North Dakota.