Our focus is to improve our patient's health. This benefits our sponsors by controlling health care costs and having healthier, happier members.

Our medication therapy management and disease state management programs are based on a collaborative health care approach focusing on medication therapy and disease state management. We have developed our program based on successful, established guidelines for patient care. We work closely with our sponsors to determine their needs and customize our program to meet those needs. We want to work with you to improve your member's health and control your health care expenditures.

Below is a list of sponsors that have utilized our services and a description of the services provided:

ND Public Employees Retirement System

North Dakota Public Employees Retirement Systems - About the Patient

Sanford Health Plan’s Patient Engagement Program

Sanford Health Plan

ND Workforce Safety & Insurance

North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance - About the Patient

North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System (ND PERS) is utilizing our diabetes management program to reduce their overall health care expenditures. Up to 800 PERS members will enroll in the program. ND PERS will utilize our entire network of providers to execute the program.
Sanford Health Plan is utilizing our network of pharmacists to provide patient care services for ND Medicaid Expansion patients. To start, five MTM interventions have been identified and pharmacists are provided reimbursement for patient care services. The program is titled Sanford Health Plan’s Patient Engagement Program (PEP). To find more information regarding PEP or other programs, please see our provider section of our website.
North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI) is utilizing our patient management program to improve the pain management control of their injured claimants and control health care utilization. A pilot program in 4 North Dakota counties is currently occurring to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

Our Sponsor/Payers Services

The North Dakota Pharmacy Service Corporation (NDPSC) believes that its About the Patient program can provide a package of wellness benefits and programs that would be desirable for plan groups seeking to control healthcare expenditures.

Pharmacists are in a unique position to provide quality wellness programs. Our program believes pharmacists are an untapped resource for preventative healthcare. We have over 80 network provider locations throughout North Dakota and have the infrastructure in place to expand to others areas as needed. Our services and programs are designed to take full advantage of the services that pharmacists can provide to offer a one-stop solution for wellness programs.

Our services are focused “About the Patient.” We offer patient-centric care using qualified pharmacist providers trained in motivational interviewing techniques with the goal of empowering patients to self-manage and improve their health. The program emphasizes one-on-one, face-to-face interaction between patients and their pharmacist provider. We believe this face-to-face, local interaction helps to optimize the impact of the time spent together. Our services have been shown to provide positive changes in patient outcomes. By improving member health and wellness, our programs can also help to control medical expenses for both the patient and their benefit provider.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop wellness programs for your members.