Our diabetes management program is open to any NDPERS member that is diabetic and active in the health plan.

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  • NDPERS offers a diabetes management wellness program
  • There is a statewide network of providers (most are pharmacies) that are very accessible and can accommodate your busy schedule
  • You can improve your health AND get some money back on your diabetic prescription!!!

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NDPERS is pleased to offer a Diabetes Management wellness program. This service is provided by pharmacists and other health professionals throughout the state. The North Dakota Pharmacy Service Corporation administers this program.

North Dakota Public Employees Retirement Systems - About the PatientThe Diabetes Management program focuses on helping members better understand and control this harmful disease. Eligible members are entitled to one Comprehensive Medication Review and two targeted interventions for the first year and one Comprehensive Medication Review and one targeted intervention for the second year of the program. Baseline visits will take roughly 30-45 minutes and follow-up visits 15-30 minutes depending on the patient. The provider will review the member’s health history, diabetes goals, recent lab results, and all of their current medications. The provider will then educate the member on their health conditions, make recommendations to improve their medication therapy, and refer them to other health care providers such as diet or eye specialists if needed. Information will be shared with the member’s doctor to make sure that everything is done to meet their medication and health goals. The member’s health will be improved by utilizing the specialties of a variety of health care professionals.

Members will benefit from this program in multiple ways. Most importantly, their overall health will be improved. Secondly, members participating and complying with the requirements of the program will receive reimbursement for co-payments on their diabetic medications and certain diabetic supplies and medications used for kidney protection. Reimbursements will be provided on a quarterly basis. NDPERS Members who are currently enrolled in a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan are NOT eligible for the diabetes program. Members can improve their physical and financial health by enrolling in this program!

Enrollment in this program is ongoing. Members must be diagnosed with a type of diabetes in order to participate in the program. For additional information, you can contact the Clinical Coordinator. The entire cost of the program is paid by NDPERS.