Wellness Program Components

The About the Patient program has a full line of services to provide a one-stop shop for wellness programs. Services can be purchased individually or together. Our services are listed in our proposed order of implementation, from health risk analysis and biometric screenings to our comprehensive MTM/DSM services for those at highest risk. The initial services are used to identify those at risk while the later services are designed to improve the health of those at highest risk. We also offer special event services that can be utilized throughout the program.

Online Tools – Health Care Assessments and more

Our website provides a portal for health risk assessments (HRA), general health assessment, diabetes assessment, cardiac assessment, fitness assessment, and calculators for body mass index, basal metabolic rate, ovulation estimator, ideal weight, smoking costs, and others. Members have their own personal login for private access and viewing of results. Each assessment exam includes instant online results for the member. Useful website links are provided in the report for the member to gain additional information on conditions the assessment identified as at risk. Central reporting exists that allows for demographic reporting and analysis.

Biometric Testing and Screening

Our provider network has pharmacists and pharmacies with the ability to offer CLIA-waived testing of cholesterol, blood glucose, hemoglobin A1C, body mass, bone density, and others. Onsite health screenings are a valuable tool to identify those at risk for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Tests require no more than a prick of the finger and results are received in a matter of minutes. The screenings include the test, pharmacist interpretation of the values, and providing the results to the patient on a pocket sized card. Screenings can occur at a participating pharmacy or at other locations such as an employer location or health fair if a minimum amount of participants (15+) are participating.

Claims Analysis

In addition to the results from the health risk assessments and the biometric screenings, we can work with your benefits department to analyze medical and pharmacy claims to identify members at greatest need for MTM/DSM services.

Medication Therapy Management and Disease State Management (MTM/DSM)

Our comprehensive MTM/DSM is designed to optimize the treatment regimen of a patient. It involves a comprehensive medication therapy review, education on medications and wellness issues specific to the health of the patient, intervention and communication with other healthcare professions, development of an action plan with patient established goals, a personal medication record, and follow-up. Our certified pharmacy providers utilize evidence-based guidelines to optimize the health of the patient. Our MTM/DSM program can be modified to meet the specific needs of the client. Individuals that participate in the MTM program will be seen a maximum of three times over the course of a year. While our program stresses and places great value on the face-to-face interaction between our pharmacist providers and patients, we also understand the needs of some clients for telephone or online consultation and can provide those services as well.

Event Services


In North Dakota, pharmacists that have completed special requirements are able to provide immunizations to those age 18 and over. Immunizations decrease absenteeism in the workplace, resulting in cost savings. We have certified providers that can offer immunizations at their pharmacy or at another location if a minimum (15+) number of individuals participate. Some vaccines of potential interest to employer groups would be influenza, hepatitis, and tetanus.

Presentations – In-services and Webinars

Our pharmacist providers are available to make onsite presentations on a wide variety of health topics such as general health, healthy eating, workplace wellness, stress management, how to safely store and dispose of medications, and others. Most presentations are approximately 1 hour with a question and answer period. While we believe in the added value and understanding obtained by in-person events, we also offer our presentations as webinars to reach as many participants as possible.

“Brown Bag” Events

In addition to our comprehensive MTM/DSM services for those at high risk of health complications, we also offer “brown bag” events for all members. Any member can bring in their medications, both prescription and nonprescription, for review by a pharmacist. The pharmacist will counsel the patient on their medications, notify them of any potential interactions, and make suggestions for improvement. The member will also receive a personal medication record after the session. The event can be held at the place of business or at the pharmacy location.

Other Services

Our Clinical Coordinator and staff have experience in designing programs to meet the needs of our clients. The list of services provided above is not exclusive. We can work with you and your clients to develop other programs and services to meet their needs.

Member Incentives

In addition to helping develop and providing reports to your organization regarding member qualifications for incentives, we can also directly administer the incentives every calendar quarter to reduce any administrative burden on staff.