Drug safety and Accidental Misuse
This brochure talks about the accidental misuse of medicines. It covers what causes it and how to keep it from happening.

General Advice on Safe Drug Use
This page talks about proper use of medicines.

Be Med Wise
Why over-the-counter drugs are serious medicines and must be taken with care.

Personal Medication Record
Another good site on how to make a personal medication record.

Med Watch
How to report side effects from your drugs or medical devices to the FDA.

Medication Errors Reporting Program
You can privately report any errors with the drugs you get. This site collects this information to keep it from happening again.

Preventing Drug Errors in Children
Good information to know before giving medicines to kids. By knowing this information you can help keep your child from possible harm.

Drug Safety: A Toolkit for Families
Information for the entire family about drugs. This includes safety and storage of medicines.

Oral Medications that Should Not be Crushed
A full list of medicines that you should not crush or chew. It also tells you why you should not do this.

Traveling with Medications and Medical Supplies
What to do if you have medicines or medical supplies and have to travel on a plane.

A Caregiver’s Guide to Emotional Management
Helpful tips to those providing care for a loved one and how to cope.