Nutrition is a key to controlling diabetes. Click the links below to view the information.

Glycemic Index Explained
Topics covered include what the glycemic index (GI) is, what the glycemic load (GL) is, and how GI and GL relate to weight loss.

Daily Meal Planning Guide and Controlling Food Portions
An in depth guide to planning daily meals and portion control.
Includes personal meal planning sheet.

Reading Food Labels
Topics include how to read nutrition labels on food products.

Take a Closer Look at the Label
Explanation of the different components of a nutrition label.

Rate Your Plate
A visual guide to portion control and meal content.

Protect Your Heart: Choose Fats Wisely
Topics covered include common sources of fat, types, and why fats matter.

Sweeteners & Desserts
Topics covered include various sweeteners, how to safely eat sweets, and tips for consuming sugar in your diet.

Holiday Meal Planning
Topics covered include holiday preparation and menus. Also includes links to other holiday meal planning articles.

Topics covered include how alcohol affects your body, its risks, how to consume it wisely.

Your Guide to Eating Out
Topics covered include low fat food choices and general tips about how to eat wisely when dining out.

My Food Advisor
A valuable site from the American Diabetes Association that helps you plan meals, explore food options and nutrition, and provides diabetic-friendly recipes.

Diabetes Food Pyramid
A resource related to developing an balanced, healthy diet.

Understanding Food Labels
Overview of food labels and how to read and interpret them.

Carbohydrate Counting
A good resource on carb counting and reading labels to determine carb content.