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Diabetes: Health Care Tips
Topics covered include general helpful tips for diabetics to better care for their skin, feet, eyes, and teeth. Also includes tips for traveling.

Topics covered include how stress affects diabetes and various relaxation techniques.

How to recognize denial and avoid it.

Topics covered include figuring out what makes you angry, how to change your angry thoughts, and ways to make your anger work for you.

Foot Care Tips and Checklist
Topics covered include helpful tips to care for your feet. Also includes a “to do” list to keep your feet healthy.

When You Travel
Topics covered include how to prepare for travel, tips for packing, eating on the go, traveling with insulin, and how to keep your insulin routine when crossing time zones.

Traveling with Diabetes Supplies
Topics covered include security guidelines for diabetic supplies and contact information for the airport security to further answer your questions.

Oral Health & Hygiene
Topics covered include the 3 main steps to prevent gum disease in diabetics and other complications that may arise dealing with the oral health of a diabetic patient.

Flu & Pneumonia Shots
Topics covered include information on the shots and benefits of receiving them.

Importance of Smoking Cessation
Topics covered include how smoking hurts your health, why quitting is hard, and how to quit.

Influenza and Diabetes
More information on how the flu can affect your body and your diabetes.

Smoking and Diabetes
More ideas and advice on how to quit smoking.

Diabetes Overview Tutorials:
American Diabetes Association Overview of Diabetes Tutorial