Proper exercise provides great benefit to diabetics. Click the links below to view the information.

What I Need to Know about Physical Activity and Diabetes
Topics covered include the importance of exercise in diabetic patients, example workout activities, and general tips on safe workouts.

Good Health has its Rewards: Walk Away a Winner!
Topics covered include how to start a walking routine with an emphasis on the importance of stretching.

Shape Up America! Get Up and Go! 10,000 Steps a Day
Topics covered include what the 10,000 steps a day program is, how to get started with the program, and tips on how to keep meeting the 10,000 steps a day goal.

Overcoming Barriers
Topics covered include common barriers diabetic patients have to being physically active and their solutions.

Active at Any Size
A guide for patients who are unsure of their ability to be physically active due to their weight.

Resources and Tools
Tools to calculate body mass index, target heart rate, exercise calories, weight maintenance calories, etc.