Information on both insulin and oral medications used to treat diabetes. Click the links below to view the information.


The Basics of Insulin
Topics covered include the various characteristics of insulin.

Types of Insulin
Includes detailed table describing the various types of insulin including onset, peak, and duration.

Insulin Storage and Safety Information
Topics covered include insulin storage and syringe reuse and disposal.

Insulin Routines
Outlines different insulin routines and delivery, how to self-monitor, and rotate sites.

Insulin Pumps
Topics covered include how insulin pumps work, getting started with an insulin pump, and an insulin pumps advantages and disadvantages.

Common Injection Challenges
How to overcome challenges such as insulin leakage at injection site, clogging of the injection device, bleeding at injection site, and skin problems at the injection site. (Note: does not endorse any specific type of syringes or lancets)

Oral Diabetes Medications

Other Medications for Type 2 Diabetes
Topics covered include the different classes of oral diabetic medications, how they work, and how they compare to insulin. Also gives insight to two newer injectable drugs.